Research Groups

In addition to supporting individual research development, the IRC currently has three research themes. These constitute strategic groupings facilitating the achievement of the IRC's objectives by concentrating on collaborative projects and programmes that relate to: Heritage and Sustainability; Popular Culture and Inclusion; Migration.

Research themes typically comprise staff and PhD students along with affiliates from within Heriot-Watt University and associated researchers from outside the university, with some projects cutting across themes, and some individuals active in more than one research theme.

Research themes are agreed for a rolling five-year planning period, have a distinctive focus and are reviewed annually. They should normally comprise a combination of senior and early career researchers as well as postgraduates. Themes may invite affiliates and associates. Research theme leaders comprise the IRC Executive Committee. 

Current Research Themes (2020-2025) are:

  1. Heritage and Sustainability (lead: emProf Ullrich Kockel)
  2. Popular Culture and Inclusion (lead: Prof Chris Tinker)
  3. Migration (lead: Dr Katerina Strani)

The previous Research Themes (2013-2019) were:

Cultural Heritages

Language and Mobilities Across Time and Space

Tourism, Organisations and Marketing

Culture, Politics and the Arts

Sustainable Communities