Aims and Objectives

The Intercultural Research Centre (IRC) was established in 2013. Its research seeks to:

  • build understanding of interactions between cultures on a wide variety of levels, including sub-cultures, gender cultures and linguisitic cultures
  • develop appreication of the experiences and discursive representations of living with, or between, different cultures, identities, communities, or languages 

The goal of the IRC is...

to support excellent, peer-reviewed, and impactful social science, arts and humanities research.

For each planning period, a set of key themes are identified, drawing on a wide spectrum of interests and expertise, and providing an overarching framework for the IRC's activities. During 2014-19, our key research themes were:

  • Cultural Heritage, Language and the Public Space
  • Popular Culture and Media
  • Cultural Resource Management

Our key research themes for 2020-25 are:

  • Heritage and Sustainability
  • Popular Culture and Inclusion
  • Migration

In pursuit of its aims, the IRC is developing:

  • a joint research programme structured around the agreed key themes
  • collaborative projects, including with research users, as part of this programme 
  • funding bids specifically geared to building research capacity, including postdoc and PhD studentship funding 
  • a vibrant culture and connected community of full time and part-time PGR students 
  • mentoring and collaborative support structures for research career development 
  • regular dissemination events, including seminars and workshops, involving research users and wider audiences as appropriate 
  • publications showcasing research associated with the IRC
  • increased collaboration within and outside the university, with a focus on impact
  • infrastructure (both physical and intellectual) that fosters contributions to the field at national and international levels