Doing cross-cultural research on political folk festivals

20 November 2019 - 16:15-17:15 - MBG14

Doing cross-cultural research on political folk festivals: The International Folk Festival Baltica and the International Sardana Festival of Ceret, Catalonia

Aleida Bertran, Latvian Academy of Culture

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IRC Symposium 2019


The IRC Symposium 2019 took place on Wednesday, 13 March, when we discussed intercultural perspectives on Scotland in the light of Brexit. Our keynote speaker was Tuuli Lähdesmäki (PhD, DSocSc), an Adjunct Professor working in the Department of Music, Arts and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä (JYU), Finland. 

Inaugural Lecture

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Professor Ullrich Kockel will give his inaugural lecture on 31 October 2018. This will be the opening event of the Sustainable Communities Heritage Festival, that will run until 30 November as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritages.

The title of his lecture is: Authentic Heritages, Sustainable Communities: Undisciplined Cross-cultural Perspectives

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CoHERE Events

CoHere NEG BLK PMS1795Autumn Term 2018


As the CoHERE research programme reaches its final phase, members of the IRC team will present some of their research in a series of informal seminars that will take place on Wednesday afternoons and are schedule to last for 45-50 minutes. There will be three seminars in October 2018:

03.10.18         15:15  MBG14           CoHERE Seminar 1 (Dr Cristina Clopot): European Capitals of Culture

10.10.18         15:15  MBG14           CoHERE Seminar 2 (Prof Máiréad Nic Craith): Language Issues

17.10.18         15:15  MBG14           CoHERE Seminar 3 (Dr Kerstin Pfeiffer): Theatre Across Borders


As part of CoHERE, we are organising a month-long programme of heritage-related events in November. EYCH2018 Logos Yellow EN 300
This will be themed around sustainable approaches to community heritages, and form part of the UK's
programme for the European Year of Cultural Heritage.


ESRC UKRIThis will include a series of three workshops organised in conjunction with Learning for Sustainability Scotland (Scotland’s UN University-recognised Regional Centre of Expertise in this field), the first of which is part of this year’s ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.

Further details, including registration links, will be posted on our website shortly.

Workshop: Migration and the Labour Markets


12-13 April 2018

Surgeons' Hall, Nicholson St., Edinburgh


Hillel Rapoport (Paris School of Economics).

The workshop will examine the economic aspects of migration and its impact on the labour market, from an empirical and theoretical perspective. Topics of interest for the workshop include, among others, the effect of migration on native and non-native wages and employment, migrants’ self-selection, the role of local labour markets and the degree to which specific labour markets features mitigate the effects of immigration.

Rethinking Racism

 Wednesday 22 November 2017, 4:15-5:30pm 

Gilligan Fotor Fotor

Dr Chris Gilligan, Open Borders Scotland

Rethinking racism, beyond "race relations": taking the social construction of "race" seriously when theorising racism

Room PG2.02, Riccarton Campus


The seminar looks at two phenomena that are rarely examined together - racism and sectarianism. Many of the prominent themes in debates on racism and anti-racism in the UK today - the role of religion, racism and 'terrorism', community cohesion - were central to discussions on sectarianism in Northern Ireland during the conflict and peace process. The analysis presented provides a sustained critique of the Race Relations paradigm that dominates official anti-racism and sketches out some elements of an emancipatory anti-racism.


Registration closed.


Marco Polo project Training Module in Penang, Malaysia


LINCS Associate Professor John Cleary and IRC member Dr Katerina Strani led the 2nd Training Module on International Cooperation Agreements and Networks, which is part of the Erasmus+ Marco Polo project, led by the University of Seville. The project includes 9 partners from Spain, the UK, Austria, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, and seeks to strengthen International Cooperation amongst Higher Education Institutions by establishing new mechanisms to exchange experiences and good practices, providing training to HEI staff, creating a framework for mobility of students and staff, and fostering research abilities by creating international research groups.

Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Migration

Joint event by The Urban Institute and the IRC.

Wednesday 13 September 2017, 1:00 - 3:00pm.

Room WA311, Riccarton Campus

Issues related to migration and border control have featured extensively in current political developments both in the US and Europe and attracted high levels of media attention. This has foregrounded rhetoric based on the claims of citizenship, territorialism, national security and fear or hostility towards ‘the other,’ while obscuring understanding of the diverse drivers, processes and consequences of migratory flows and their impacts on spaces, places and people. Responses to understanding the phenomenon of migration increasingly call for approaches which cut across disciplinary borders.

The Urban Institute and the Intercultural Research Centre invited all whose work relates to the flow of movement of people to come together to share areas of interest with a view to exploring opportunities for research collaboration.

This was a joint event by The Urban Institute and the IRC. Participants agreed that it should be the first of a regular series of events concerned with migration research.

For further details, please contact Gina Netto (